MRKT 4160 Business Development E-Portfolio

MRKT 4160 Business Development is a fourth year marketing class that has given me insight in how B2B operates in this competitive industries and how to conduct a Key Account Plan. At the same time, I have developed consultative selling skills through the study of the key account management, group negotiation and the preparation of proposals and quotations, as well as creating the strategic alliances with the two companies and maintaining long-term business relationships.

The major project in this course is called Individual Sales Project that has nurtured my abilities to work independently. I have created the Key Account Plan for Classy& Neo Lighting Group Inc. The purpose of this report is to provide a comprehensive analysis and action plan for Neo-lighting Company to pursue Costco Wholesale Corporation as their key account. This project provides me an opportunity to role as a strategic account manager for the company to develop the negotiation process, action plan with specific timeline and control process. The success of the key account management is to establish and maintain a long-term B2B relationship.

I have developed the following valuable skills during working on these different projects and assignments:

  • Business Ethics: I strongly believe that I have not only successfully obtained the Research Ethics Board Certification, but also I have maintained a high level of work ethic in individual assignments and group projects.
  • Intercultural Skills: In the Global Culture and Business Etiquette project, it has enabled me ability in how to adapt different culture values and how to utilize different approaches to negotiate in the international business.
  • Teamwork and Leadership Skills: The course has three major projects which involve tons of team work. I got along well with my other team members and kept myself accountable in order to create the high quality projects and deliver them on time.
  • Communication Skills: the communication skills derived from the ability to analyze different communication styles and how to adapt and approach people based on their communication styles.
  • Time Management Skills: This course requires me to have an effective timeline to manage different tasks. I have acquired the skills of planning, implementing and managing my own time.

After completing various projects, I strongly believe that these practical marketing skills, which I have acquired in this course, would assist me to overcome any obstacles in regards of business development for my future career.