Why Blogging is important to marketing student?

Are blogs out of date? Do people indeed read the blog posts? Why students need to write their own blogs? In this blog post, I will explain the reasons, statistics and benefits that why blogging is still important to you.

The following facts will illustrate the data of blogs (Khan, 2012).

  • Based on the report of the state of the blogosphere in 2010, 42% of bloggers promote brands through their blogs
  • According to a report by Universal McCann, 775 of active internet users have habit of reading blogs
  • Today there are about 156.3 million blogs
  • More than 25% of bloggers are starting to use mobile blogging.
  • There are 68,312 new blogs are formed every day, according to BlogPluse.


What are the benefits for students?

Engaging readers: Blogging roles as a personal bridge to engage you and your audience. It could be a platform to communicate with different audience or even your potential managers.


Improved level of confidence: English is my second language, I am quite unconfident in English writing. Since I start writing this blog, there are many unknown bloggers and people click “like” on my blogs. It is time for other people proving my writing. Additionally, blog tends to be a personal platform that doesn’t really focus on grammar and academic writing. Please trust me, if those one who have the similar experience as me, blogging is an excellent tool to build your confidence.

Prove skills: Blogs can become one of your competitive advantages when you have interview with a new company. Blog is the best evidence to prove your writing skills and communication skills, rather than just talking about the skills you acquired in the two page resume. It could let the interviewers to deeply know about you and what you can do for the company.

Personalize Branding: as a marketing student, you should not only master how to market yourself, but also learn how to brand yourself in different social media platform. Blogs can be one of your powers in how you connect and advertise yourself. It can also used to show why you are different than others.


Khan. (2012). Incorporating Blogging into Education. Retrieved on April 9, 2013, from



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